Sunwest Morgans and Kentucky Mtn. Horses

Wallach Sun-West Sherman Tatanka

Sunwest Morgans and Kentucky Mtn. Horses
Sheila Watson
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Sunwest Morgans and Kentucky Mtn. Horses

Wo liegt eigentlich Alberta ?

Sunwest Morgans and Kentucky Mountain Horses is a small breeding farm located in the beautiful foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, one and a half hours northwest of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We have been raising old type solid and sane Morgans for 35 years.

Our foals are imprinted at birth, handled daily, and trained gently. Our young horses go through a program of daily walks, sacking out, and introduction to ropes, dogs, tarps, obstacles,ponying and trailer loading, so that when they are ready to be ridden, they accept a rider calmly.


Sunwest Morgans und Kentucky Mountain Horses ist eine kleine Farm in den kanadischen Rocky Mountains ca. eineinhalb Stunden con Calgary entfernt. Sunwest Morgans züchten seit 35 Jahren Morgans.

Die Fohlen werden von Geburt an an Hunde, Leinen und andere Gegenstände gewöhnt. Dies vereinfacht später das Einreiten.

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