Paradise Ranch Morgans

Deckhengst P.R.'s Immortal Pegasus

Paradise Ranch Morgans
16 Forgotten Lane,
Bethany, Ontario,


Paradise Ranch Morgans

Deckhengst P.R.'s A Promise Kept

Wo liegt eigentlich Ontario ?

Paradise Ranch Morgans. Paradise Ranch is located on approximately 10 acres in the rolling hills one mile West of Bethany, Ontario, Canada. We are approximately a one- hour drive, North/East of Toronto and 20 minutes South/West of Peterborough Ontario.

At Paradise Ranch, we are dedicated to breeding and promoting Quality versatile Morgans by focusing on bloodlines, disposition, intelligence, stamina, natural action and just plain beauty.

From our Multi-Canadian Champion stallion "P.R.'s A Promise Kept" to our newest foal, the Morgans of Paradise Ranch have our upmost respect; their daily comfort and well being are the Prime consideration! We have hand selected each one to be a part of our successful breeding program. We care deeply for them and have strong bonds of friendship and a rapport with each and every one. All of us at Paradise Ranch are dedicated to doing ordinary things extraordinarily well! We didn't campaign 3 of our band to the elusive Canadian National Morgan Championship titles by chance... It took training, respect, stamina, hard work and breeding/bloodlines to earn the title "Canadian Champion!

Whether you are looking for a new horse, want your horse trained, taking those first nervous rides, gazing from a mountain astride your best friend or showing charisma and flair as you trot past a roaring crowd. The Morgan horse has the versatility to do it all! Paradise Ranch Morgans is dedicated to Safe and Brilliant Morgan horses for any family!

We offer breeding services, Morgans for sale, instruction and training (for both horse & owner) in a variety of riding and driving disciplines. The professionals at "Paradise Ranch" are more than happy to assist you and your equine friend. Stroll through our website at and explore "Paradise". The welcome mat is always out at the "Ranch".
Come visit and find your "Perfect" Morgan today!
If we can't help you meet your needs and desires,
we will help you to find someone who can!

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or just plain want to talk Morgans, give us a call or e-mail us at:


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