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Cloister Morgan Farm

Sara Jones-Williams

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Cloister Morgan Farm:

Home of Cloister Caradog (Landside Minuet x Sioux's Boogie Knights),
Landside Minuet, BFM Bartholomew and Mattany May I Boogie (Double MM China Blue x Sioux's Boogie Knights). Stallion Services and Youngstock available. 2hrs from Manchester Airport, accomodation available.

Wir sind das Zuhause von Deckhengst Cloister Caradog ( Landside Minuet x Sioux`s Boogie Knights), Landside Minuet, BFM Bartholomew und Mattany MayI Boogie ( Double M China Blue x Siouxs Boogie Knights). Deckbedingungen auf Anfrage, Nachzuchten zu verkaufen. Zwei Stunden Entfernung vom Flughafen Manchester, Unterbringung ist möglich.

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Über Cloister Morgan Farm

Fotos zu Cloister Caradog
(Update 30.05.2010)

Verkaufsanzeige Mattanay May I Boogie
SOLD to Italy!

May is very well and as you know now living in Tuscany. The lady who bought her Jenny Brawtree, runs a riding holiday business and May is to be her guide horse. She had heard so much about the beautiful breed of Morgans from her american guests that she had to have one. She has already been out find out new trails through the olive groves and grape vineyards. Mattany Morgans and Cloister Morgans wish both Jenny and May very many happy years together and congratulate them for spreading the Morgan word in Italy. Jenny's website

Cloister Caradogs 2007er Fohlen

Zum ersten mal unterm Sattel.
His first pictures under saddle.