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Branka Morgan Farm

British Columbia


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Branka’s Morgans - Especially bred and family raised Morgan horses. At present we offer only two foals per season. We offer quality raised morgan horses from well known bloodlines of world champions. Come and visit our site

This is our herd...

Valley Ridge Isabel with her 2012 foal, Branka's Jezabelle, gray filly. Valley Ridge Isabel, a true princess full of spirit but obedient with graceful cadence. Her trot is like flying. While looking at her pedigree to discover where her traits are coming from we discovered her historical linage. Ghazala, 1896, strait Egyptian arabian mare. Bred by the famous Ali Pasha Sherif of Egypt and then purchased by the Blunts in1897 for their Sheykh Obeyd Stud in Egypt. From there sent to their Crabbet Arabian Stud in England in 1909 and again sold to and imported from England to the United States of America by Spencer Borden the same year. What a story and gene pool in this girl...


JMF Tall Shadow, 2009 our incredibly noble and tame stallion. Pictured on the right as a 2 year old. His progeny to date, 3 fillies and a colt. All of them with his wonderful disposition. No wonder... JMF Tall Shadow son of JMF Cruise Control homozygous Beamington stallion grandson, son of Windhover Regency and grandson of Whispering High Beam. Impeccable form and powerful. ...


Branka's Annabelle, 2011 and Branka's Midnight Dance, 2011, black yearling fillies. They are released for sale. Weened off naturally by their mothers, stress free and showing amazingly fast learning skills. They are raised within the herd and with us present every day in their life morning till evening. They are people friendly horses and very affectionate. They would make the perfect carriage team. ..


Valley Ridge Last Dance and this years foal a black colt. Last Dance is golden. A real true queen with a gentle personality yet strong and intelligent mind. As a lead mare she will put any stallion in his place. A great mare that every breeder would like to have in his herd. We are looking forward to see the development of her first colt, Branka's Prince Midas. ..